Thing 4 – Reading other Blogs

The first blog I read was the Homework blog.  ( WOW!  First of all, the topic is very thought provoking.  Secondly, what interesting, thoughtful, and respectful debate between readers and the author in the comment area.  Dan and MrC have a real debate going on.  What a great way to talk about educational (or any) topics.  I can imagine such meaningful debates among teachers on other topics.  Since I teach middle school, I have a harder time imagining my students reading and responding to one another’s posts even if it were a class assignment.  It’s unfortunate but I think that my students are more interested in completing the assignment in the quickest, most efficient way possible and would not take the time and energy to respond to another student’s blog comment about the deep meaning behind the symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird (for example).  Too bad, because they might be willing to take the time to comment on who said what stupid comment about so-and-so’s haircut at lunch.  🙂 

 The second Blog ( seems to reinforce my above thought.  Perhaps I read it too fast, but it seems like the only posts by students are “cool” or “awesome” really don’t hold any educational value.  However, when I went back and read the post by the teacher explaining the process it was much more meaningful.  This blog was designed to be written by students.  Wow!  Students take turns being the class scribe and summarizing and posting the lesson for today’s class.  That’s much more impressive than when I thought the teacher posted the blog and the students responded.  It seems like this might be a great way to get students involved in learning as well as providing for a record of class activities for use by students who missed class or students who want to review class material for tests and quizzes.  Interesting……………………………….   Requires further thought!  🙂

 The final blog I read was the one on improving PowerPoint presentations.  (  After the other two so different blogs, this one was rather disappointing.  Yes, it gave great information with links for further resources.  But the forum of blogging and sharing thoughts and resources really didn’t happen.  The comments were general and didn’t spark debate or collaboration like the first blog I read.  Perhaps it’s simply the subject matter – PowerPoint doesn’t spark the debate that Homework does!  LOL

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